MissHezah | April
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April 2020

A Letter To Myself

Dear 7 Months Postpartum You,   Life feels pretty surreal, huh? People keep referring to the “new normal,” but nothing has felt normal for a really long time. 2019 was anything but, kicking January off with a positive pregnancy test and ending with a 9pm bedtime on...

Your Job Posting Sucks

Somewhere along the line, employers forgot that hiring is a two-way street. At least, that’s what it seems like based on most of the job postings I read. Yes, I always read job postings all the way through, and most of them do a terrible...

Just The Essentials

It was yesterday. I wore a Hello Kitty face mask and had my ID, credit card, car key and hand sanitizer in my pockets. I performed a cautious and abbreviated version of my tried and true choreography around the store, stopping first for the biggest...