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MissHezah is the digital alter ego for Heather Sundell, a Los Angeles based writer, blogger, storyteller, and professional creative content person. She writes about parenting, personal finance, career, and general life crap. Apologies in advance for the unsolicited advice.
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A Crisis of Self-Care

I've fallen into a skin care hole and I can't get up. This is not the first time in my adult life I've become overly invested and potentially obsessed with learning about and buying skin care products. I've started to lose many an hour, staring...

Stop Trying To Find The Time

I wrote this piece almost two years ago and I've been thinking about it a lot lately. After my wedding in October, I breathed a big fat sigh of relief and immediately felt like I could do anything. And, I've really tried to do just...

My Ancient Visitor

A few months ago I published an essay on Refinery29 about my personal journey with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), AKA my potential overshare of an emotional and physical roller coaster without my period for a year and a half....

Hi, I’m New Here

What a vulnerable feeling to start a new blog. How absolutely daunting. I had forgotten what this felt like. I used to know exactly what it felt like because I used to start blogs every time I had a *brilliant* idea, got bored of my current...