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The Second Two Months

If the first two months of my baby's life made me feel like a 24/7 Renaissance Faire performer in a PG-13 show that ran every three hours, the second two months have made me feel like a mad scientist. Emphasis on the MAD.   I am officially...

The First Two Months

The other day while in line to check out at Whole Foods, a woman behind us noticed the baby I was wearing. “Enjoy. It goes by so fast,” she warmly advised as she side smiled at the thirteen-year-old helping unload her cart onto the conveyor...

Expecting W/O Expectation

After our engagement, I resolved to not talk about wedding planning for three whole months. This was in May and by the time September rolled around, as promised, I chose a venue.   I know myself, and myself needs time because myself hates change. We had an...