MissHezah | LA Mag: Freeways Ranked
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LA Mag: Freeways Ranked

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LA Mag: Freeways Ranked

In what can only be described as an attempt at humor, I ranked LA freeways for Los Angeles Magazine. Spoiler: they’re all bad.

“Los Angeles, we did it! We have successfully achieved the highly coveted, incredibly difficult to accomplish distinction of The Worst Traffic in The United States of America. If you weren’t already aware of our current standing in the traffic department, it’s probably because you were very busy spending a record-breaking, mind-numbing 81 hours in your car last year. But hey, you finally got to listen to Hamilton all the way through, so it’s cool, right? Of course it’s not. It’s terrible. So, in celebration of receiving this high honor, we’ve ranked L.A.’s freeways in order from kind of annoying to absolutely atrocious.” 


July 25, 2015


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