MissHezah | Writer. Storyteller. Copywriter.
Heather Sundell is a Los Angeles based writer, blogger, copywriter, storyteller, and teacher. When she's not crafting brand strategy and messaging, leading creative and writing workshops, or copywriting, check the mall.
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Oh, hi. I’m Heather!

From live stages to conference rooms to group text, I like to write and tell stories. I’m the former blogger of Terrible Twenties, and the proud author of essays and articles featured in the Los Angeles Times, Refinery29, Forbes, and of all the cool stuff you see on this website. Professionally, I have deep roots in search and social, with expertise in copywriting, brand voice strategy and editorial content. Personally, I have two dumb cats, a shopping problem, a tendency to spill things, and far too many tubes of red lipstick.
Writing & Blogging

I have a decade of experience as a writer and blogger with a focus on career, personal finance, relationships, lifestyle, social media and advertising.

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Copy & Branding

From language to messaging and positioning, I am a nimble copywriter and brand voice strategist, creating big campaign moments with a few words.

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Workshops & Courses

In addition to teaching blogging and copywriting courses, I am available for hire to lead corporate workshops, brainstorms and individual creative coaching.

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Live Storytelling

I am a comedian, improviser, and storyteller who can frequently be seen hosting and performing in live shows around Los Angeles, mostly at the UCB Theater.

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Writing Workshops & Coaching

A seasoned creative, writing and copywriting coach available for classes, one-on-one coaching, and corporate workshops.

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My Desk

Writing ~ Culture ~ Career ~ Parenting


Oh, and lots of unsolicited advice.

I want to read the blog!
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Freelance Writing, Storytelling, and Copywriting

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LinkedIn: HeatherSundell
AIM: heathybars (RIP)


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